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New Publication in Neuron!

rat_net_thumbOur lab’s publication entitled “Noninvasive Ultrasonic Drug Uncaging” is now published in Neuron and available here. Congrats to the authors!

This work demonstrates that nanoparticle-mediated ultrasonic drug uncaging noninvasively modulates brain activity with precision determined by the ultrasound focus extent and the kinetics of the uncaged drug. By uncaging the anesthetic propofol in the visual cortex, we can reversibly silence visually evoked potentials, with onset and recovery of our effect happening in seconds. Furthermore, with [18-F] FDG PET, we show that our effect is limited to the sonication focus on the millimeter scale. Finally, by performing a global analysis of all of our PET images, we demonstrate that we can causatively map functional connectivity in the brain.

You can read more about our work either in Stanford’s press release or in the media!