Welcome to James Bishop PhD, SMIS Postdoctoral Fellow

A hearty Airan Lab welcome to James Bishop PhD, who is joining the lab as part of his prestigious Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars fellowship. James has in depth interest in solving the debilitating condition of chronic pain. He joins us after completing initial postdoctoral training with friends-of-the-lab and collaborators Nolan Williams MD and David Spiegel MD in Stanford Psychiatry, working to treat patients suffering from chronic pain using TMS. James did his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech before working as a research assistant at Harvard for several years, where he used a variety of cutting-edge techniques including optogenetics and advanced functional MRI methods to study pain both in animal models and clinical populations. He then completed his PhD training with Magdalena Naylor MD PhD & Helene Langevin MD at the University of Vermont, using neuroimaging to study chronic pain in human subjects. In our group, he will work with us, Michelle James PhD, and Sandip Biswal MD to use ultrasonic drug uncaging to modulate pain responses, and image the resultant effects using novel PET tracers for pain imaging, in animal models of chronic pain secondary to cancer.

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